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What my students think of my lessons
(No students were harmed in the making of this page)

"I have been coming to Thursday conversation class for a few years. I have become more confident with speaking to people when I am in France and the lessons, apart from being fun, are also very informative as we cover many different aspects of French life and history." Kate

"I have been attending the Wednesday evening class for 2 years. I started the beginners class at the year 2 stage and I have now progressed to the Intermediate level.
I thoroughly enjoy the class, the lessons are planned at a comfortable pace that enables us to learn and retain the new words.
We sit in small groups which I like, especially when I first started as I wasn't very confident talking in front of people. With the support of my tutor and the other students my confidence has grown.
I travel to France several times a year and I am now speaking and understanding a lot more.
The class begins with revision time, we practise various sentences, questions and statements that we have learnt from previous weeks. This has helped me to build my confidence to speak and also to work on my pronunciation.
I have found the class to be a friendly and supportive environment in which to learn to speak, listen and write French.
Valerie is an amazing tutor, she has a great sense of humour, endless amounts of patience and even more knowledge of how to teach the French language to people of all levels. I will be continuing attending Valerie's lessons at Fairkytes. " Tracey

"I have signed up for a fourth year because I enjoy the Monday class and learning is fun - we all help each when conversing and will encourage each other when it is needed. My trips to France are eagerly looked forward to now that my understanding of the French language has broadened along with my confidence" Brenda

"I have been attending the class for the past 4 years on Wednesdays.( I was saddened after losing my husband suddenly . I felt helpless so I thought of doing something to keep myself engaged). I saw an advert in a local coffee shop .l joined the class and I soon felt at ease. The atmosphere was uplifting and I soon got to know the felllow students.
Valerie's approach to learning was interesting and she made it fun. I liked the way she planned her lessons .I liked the way Valerie made sure we did the revision of what we were tought previous week. We have lots of laughter and fun which makes it easier to learn and makes it enjoyable. I look forward to attend every week and I have no hesitation to recommend this to anyone " Devi

"I have been attending Valerie's lessons for 3 years now having only basic French from my school years. I find that my knowledge of that language has improved greatly thanks mainly to Valerie's efforts. The lessons are conducted in a very relaxed manner with no stress at all. We all have great fun in the class and we all can see the improvement in each other. I, for one will continue to learn French with my friends in Valerie's class."

" I started my class in September of 2013, every tuesday for an hour and half. I really look forward to coming every week. It was nice to meet new people and I found the class friendly and fun. The work began with us playing games,,it was a great way to start with a class full of strangers and really broke the ice. I had never had a french class before, not even at school, but I found it easier than I thought,,,,,and with lots of repetition it didnt take me long to pick it up. Valerie is a very patient teacher and keeps the classes varied and interesting. I've never felt rushed to learn or bored at any point, yet by the end of the year I was very surprised to see just how much I had learnt. Well done Valerie." Helen

"What attracted me to learning French with Valerie was the simple statement 'no exams'. I wanted to learn useful French for speaking whilst visiting and holidaying in France. In about a dozen trips now to various places in France that is what I now can do. I feel really chuffed with myself! I've found so much more enjoyable to speak to French people in their own language. If you try they are patient and helpful. Above all after 3 years of Valerie's night classes I have the confidence to speak to French people in places like restaurants, ferries, train stations, the street, shops, pharmacy and museums using well remembered vocabulary and phrases and the appropriate tense. Valerie's lessons are carefully prepared, 'bite-size', and above all she insists on plenty of speaking practice. At the end of a busy day at work attending French night school with Valerie has never been anything but a fun, interesting and useful. Be prepared to laugh a lot! Venez tout de suite!" Dom

"I have been attending and just completed the first year of French. The classes are held in small groups and move at a comfortable pace in order to make the class both informative and fun. The learning takes a form of repetition and various games which makes the learning different every week and a class to look forward too. At the end of year 1 feeling more confident to try with the language." Carol

"I have been going to the french classes for about 2 years and a half, and I have found that I have learnt inmense amounts, it is a very relaxing and fun environment as we learn with games and Valerie knows how to keep it always interesting. Also, you get to meet very nice people and make friends. I love it I will keep coming back." Monica